Role: Workshop Strategy and Facilitation

Year: July 2023

Location:  ATÖLYE, Emirates Towers, Dubai - UAE

Future(s) of food, fashion, education, communication, ageing, and society were some of the themes explored by participants, who became 'futurists-for-the-day' to explore alternate futures, anticipate implications and build rapid prototypes (or sketches) of future products, services, and jobs. 

As a part of my efforts to democratise futures and make the discipline of futures and foresight accessible, I organised and facilitated a three hour discovery workshop taking participants through the traditional stages of foresight (scoping and scanning, trend mapping, scenario building and foresighting). The participants were guided through various frameworks and thinking models, enabling them to to create rapid prototypes for the future. The participants built protoypes of ‘products of the future’, ‘services of the future’ and ‘jobs of the future’.

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