Prototyping Sutainable Futures: ATÖLYE x COP28

Role: Workshop Strategy and Facilitation

Year: December 2023

Location: ATÖLYE, Emirates Towers, Dubai - UAE

As part of the final programming for ATÖLYE’s COP28 programming, I facilitated a futures thinking workshop. The 2-hour sustainable futures workshop guided participants through an express futures thinking method to envision and prototype sustainable futures.

The workshop provided a structured and engaging process for participants to actively contribute to envisioning a future that prioritizes sustainability and regeneration.
Participants were guided through 4 key stages of the foresight practice:

🌱 1. Scanning for Trends: During this stage, participants explored various signals and trends that, in their opinion, were either desirable or undesirable for a sustainable/regenerative future.

⚙ 2. Futures Wheel: Using the futures wheel, participants delved into the implications of some of the identified trends.

🏗 3. Scenario Building: Participants created mini-scenarios by exploring “what ifs” and prompts triggered by United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

🌎 4. Prototyping Futures: Finally, participants developed prototypes for desirable and sustainable products, services, and policy decisions.

At the end of the workshop, participants were able to prototype sustainable outputs for topics such as greenwashing, fast fashion, overconsumption and more.