Designed and developed a prototype mobile application ‘Vedica’, which was displayed at the Dubai Design Week 2019 held at the Dubai Design District. It was selected among 150 projects from 45 countries and was presented to Investment Corporation of Dubai, ARM Holding and Wamda Capital. 

My  Role:
  1. Design Strategy
  2. Foresight Strategy
  3. Future of Work Research
  4. UI and UX Design
  5. Project Management - Design and Development

Topics Explored: 

  1. Education System
  2. New World Order
  3. Social Constructs
  4. Modern Society
  5. Industrial Revolutions 
  6. Zero Marginal Cost Economy
  7. Economic Transitions
  8. Jobs of the Future
  9. Workshops on Speculative Design
  10. Current Trends Extrapolation
  11. Megatrend and Weak Signal Analysis
  12. Backcasting

‘Vedica’ is an AI-powered mobile application that predicts an employee’s learning requirements and delivers relevant, personalised and bite-sized educational content. The service was designed and developed to help users better navigate the future of work, in which increased use of AI and automated systems requires humans to continually refresh their skills set.  (Scroll down to see the video)

Why Vedica?

For Employees
  1. Upskilling on-the-go
  2. Personalized, bite-sized content
  3. One stop library of 'future skills'

For Employers
  1. Reduces skill gaps in organizations
  2. Keeps the organizations innovative
  3. Brings quality education to the workplace

’Vedica’ won a place at PROTOTYPES FOR HUMANITY (Top 150 projects from 45 countries) and the PROTOTYPES FOR HUMANITY ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAMME (Top 20 from the cohort)


Imagine you are an employee who has a sales meeting with a potential client in a couple of days and you want to deliver a great presentation. Vedica has already understood and predicted this requirement - what it now does is provide the employee with relevant bite sized courses that will help them deliver a successful presentation. An example of a bite sized course would be ‘Negotiation Skills’ – Approximately 5-minute course, which the employee can self-learn and practise their theoretical learning in the actual meeting. This happens in very simple steps - You receive a notification on your phone, you update yourself with the relevant content presented to you on the mobile app and now you’re better ready for your meeting!

Vedica at the PROTOTYPES FOR HUMANITY, Dubai Design Week 2019